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Tales From Around Town

Newest Stories

The Hotels of Edwards ... A history of the hotels in Edwards over the years ... information provided by LaVerne H. Freeman ... posted on February 29, 2012

Talcville ... A history of the once booming hamlet ... posted March 5, 2012.  The majority of this document is still a work in progress and has been changed several times since its original posting.

Timeline - As Relates to Edwards ... A quick look at highlights in Edwards' past from 1795 to 2000 ... posted April 5, 2012

Guiles Road of Past Times ... Based on a talk given for the Edwards Historical Association by Linda Bridgeland Perry on 12 Oct 2005 ... posted April 5, 2012

Along the Russell Turnpike in the Eastern Part of Edwards ... Based on a talk given for the Edwards Historical Association by Dawn Fuller Mullaney on 12 Oct 2005 ... posted April 5, 2012

Roads in Pond Settlement and Along the River Road ... by Linda Perry ... Vice-president of the Edwards Historical Associaion ... February 8, 2006 ... posted April 5, 2012
Historical Accounts

Churches In Edwards ... A history of places of worship in the town ... by LaVerne H. Freeman

Edwards In Ashes ... The fire of July 4, 1894 ...  ... from newspaper articles, compiled by LaVerne H. Freeman

The First Known Cemetery in Edwards Village ... A history of the cemeteries in the area ...  by LaVerne H. Freeman

The Matriarch of Main Street ... A tribute to the Edwards Town Hall ... by LaVerne H. Freeman

Our Ten School Districts ... a history of the schools of Edwards before centralization

Two Edwards Fires ... The school and the village ... by Katheryn F. Fuller

Records and Statistics

Cemetery Records ... a complete listing of burials in the cemeteries of Edwards

Veterans ... with roots in Edwards ... compiled by LaVerne H. Freeman ... updated on April 13, 2005

Veterans of "The Late Rebellion" ... the founding of the Grand Army of the Republic

Vital Statistics 1864-1902 ... part of a county-wide collection with Edwards items

Memories from Residents and Families

As I Remember It ... Life In Edwards ... as remembered by Frank L. Raymond

Becoming a Rural Schoolteacher in 1856 ... The life of Clarinda Rhodes Hazelton ... a story told by Hazel Bancroft Freeman

Down On The Farm ... The Noble farm over the years ... by Earl and Mary Tripp Noble

The Good Old Days? ... things were different then ... by Katheryn Freeman Fuller

Grandpa Starts a Retail Milk Business in Edwards ... ... and it's followed by Sunnyside Dairy ... by Katheryn Freeman Fuller

A Most Memorable Moment ... The birth of twin boys ... by Sherry Pittman

The Mundane, Mayhem and Murder in Small Town Edwards ... a variety of tales from the mundane to the bizarre, including murder ... by LaVerne H. Freeman ... added October 16, 2010

The Neil Family ... Master cheese makers of Upstate New York ... by Nicole L. Neil ... added November 11, 2009

Nellie's Memories ... Memories  ... from Helen Matejcik Nacincik

She Did It Her Way ... A Bancroft family story about Aunt Cass ... compiled by LaVerne H. Freeman

Sugaring With the Bullocks Through the Generations ... A story of a family tradition ... by Nancy Given-McConnell

They Marched to a Different Drummer ... Tales of past residents who were a bit eccentric ... by LaVerne H. Freeman

Washday in the 1920's ... A look at how things have changed ... by Katheryn Freeman Fuller

A Swinger of Birches ... My early memories of Edwards ... by Frank E. Casanova ... added November 23, 2009

People and Places Before Us

An Armchair Trip ... Through South Edwards of Yesterday ... from a talk given by LaVerne Freeman in 1976

An Infamous Chicken Dinner ... The day the Catholics Almost Killed the Methodists ... a story told by Katheryn Freeman Fuller

The CASE of the Spuds ... and the Bolting Bootlegger ... by Edith C. Duffy

Eliphalet Smith, Revolutionary War Veteran ... A story about an ancestor of many Edwards residents

The Green Tea Room ... and other pubs in Edwards in the 1930's and '40s ... by LaVerne H. Freeman

John the Spaniard ... The story of John Milan ... a compilation from many sources

Life In The Northern Inn ... Edwards was a mining town at the end of WWI ... by Mary Tripp Noble

Rings On Their Fingers ... EHS and ECS class rings in the History Center collection ... by LaVerne H. Freeman

Along the Russell Turnpike in the Eastern Part of Edwards ... Life in the early days of the Russell Turnpike ... by Dawn Fuller Mullaney

Sampler Quilt for the Underground Railroad ... One way that slaves found safety in the north ... by LaVerne H. Freeman

The Small Stuff ... A collection of memories ... Collected and edited by Edith C. Duffy and LaVerne H. Freeman

To Market ... Shipping Edwards' cheeses and beef in the early twentieth century ... by Bill Cleland

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