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Most of these items are available for purchase at the Edwards History Center.  LaVerne H. Freeman, Town Historian, may be e-mailed for more information.  Please note that postage rates change every once in a while.  We used to post the cost for mailing, but have found that it doesn't always stay accurate.  Please email us to get the current rate.

Trout Lake Picture Postcards
Our historical group has had Trout Lake  pictures put on postcards at the request of some Trout Lakers and are for sale at the two local grocery stores and the library.  They are 4" x  6"  postcards printed in color, priced at $.75 each.  They are available to buy at Baker's Grocery, Wood Family Grocery, and the Hepburn Library throughout the camping season.  Credit has been given to the person who took each photo on the reverse of the card.  Sets of the six views can be ordered, plus postage, from Edwards Historian.
Edwards On The Oswegatchie
The Edwards Bicentennial book is $10.00, plus postage and handling.  This is a reprint of the book from 1976 and is available at the History Center.

Anyone wanting to buy this should contact LaVerne Freeman, Town Historian, 61 Maple Ave., Edwards, NY 13635, or by phone or e-mail.  

Order must be pre-paid.  Checks should be made out to LaVerne Freeman.

The Brown Diaries, Volume II
Shown is the cover of Volume II, picturing Main Street, Edwards before the fire of July 4, 1894, of the Diaries of William H. Brown and Nancy A. Brown.  William was the son of Robert Brown, 1819 Scottish immigrant.  The Edwards Historical Association was given a limited number of copies, to sell, by the editors of these books.  This local couple kept diaries for a number of years.  They were interested in the activities of the community as well as their family so many items of local historical and genealogical interest are included in this 183 page soft cover book.  The editors wrote the book in the exact wording of the entries of the couple so one will find phonetic spelling and colloquialisms, making more interesting reading.  The price is $10.00, plus postage and handling.

Volume I, well over 200 pages, will have to be ordered from the publisher ... Heritage Books, Inc., Publishing Division, 1540 Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, Maryland 20716.  The Browns were ancestors of Dick Brown, Edwards resident and former Town Supervisor.

A History of the Edwards Zinc Mines
A History of the Edwards Zinc Mines by Stuart Casanova
Published in 2003, this book is based on a talk given by the author at the Edwards Library on May 25, 2002.  $10.00 each, plus postage and handling.
Postcards of Edwards
Postcards of Edwards
A very interesting collection of postcards of Edwards from the past, taken from the collection of the Edwards History Center and the collection of Mrs. LaVerne H. Freeman.  Edited by Mildred L. Goodheart and LaVerne H. Freeman, published in April 2004.  $5.00 each, plus postage and handling.
Images of Edwards
Images of Edwards, Volume I
A pictorial history of Edwards, many photographs from through the years, complete with descriptions.  Compiled by Edith C. Duffy, Frederick J. Finley, LaVerne H. Freeman (editor), Mildred L. Goodheart, Cynthia M. McFerran and Dawn K. Mullaney.  Researched and published for the Scots Heritage Day, August 14, 1999.  $5.00 each, plus postage and handling.
Images of Edwards, Volume II
Second in the series, volume II was compiled by Edith C. Duffy, LaVerne H. Freeman (editor), Delores F. Hughes, Mildred L. Goodheart, and Dawn K. Mullaney.  This document was researched and published for Homespun Day, July 29, 2000.  $5.00 each, plus postage and handling.
Images of Edwards, Volume III
The third in the series, volume III was researched and published for the History Center Open House, April 28, 2004.  This document was compiled by William J. Cleland, LaVerne H. Freeman (editor), Mildred L. Goodheart, Dawn K. Mullaney and Andrea J. Webb.  $5.00 each, plus postage and handling.

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